Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Events Mar 07, 2021

A note from Betty Saltzman

On February 20, our membership had the opportunity  to be able to participate in another one of the Museum of Fine Arts programs. This was  offered through their Access Program made available to  persons with hearing loss amongst other needs. We have had Karen Moss as our leader of this program for over 9 years now.  Just recently we learned that this will be her last year with the program, as she is retiring.

The event in January, presented in a captioned zoom format, was about "Ancient American Art Forms" , from the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston .  We saw examples of early art works from Mexico to Chile .  This included classic Mayan earthwares and Andean textiles. It was quite fascinating and it lightened up a grey February morning.

We are hoping that the MFA will have another volunteer to take over this program with us and with HLAA members as well . We will keep you updated as we make progress with offering a new program.


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